Bits Box (Mainframe Fittings)

This library file includes various fittings such as reversing rods, axleboxes, springs that are normally attached to the locomotive mainframes.

Description Type Version Polys Uploaded
Reversing Rod RHD (low) LNER J94 Austerity 1.00 126 23.12.2010
Axlebox Driving WheelsGeneric1.00813.01.2011
Springs Driving WheelsGeneric1.003613.01.2011
Guard IronsLNER J94 Austerity1.005616.01.2011
Brakes Loco IndustrialLNER J94 Austerity1.0012924.12.2010
Brakes Loco CurvedCauliflower1.0019413.01.2011

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