The Scripts - BogieBuilder v1.03

Simplifies the production of simple steam loco bogies for Auran's Trainz simulator, Connecting rods, outside cylinders and valve gear are not created - despite this you can use the macro to create the basic bogie with carrying and driving wheels plus coupling rods.

Note that a few people have had problems getting this macro to work, you must follow all of the instructions given above. It was also my first macro and it does not have much in the way of error checking and assumes that the bogie will be created in a certain way. In particular it expects you to start building with the frontmost driver and that you will work your way backwards (failure to do this will result in the connecting rods turning inside out). I'd also build all the drivers first followed by the carrying wheelsets. Don't break off and start doing something else in the middle of the macro in other words.

For one of the driver wheels sets you need to select 'Add coupling rod dummy'. If you forget to do this the coupling rods will not be animated.

Download installer