The Scripts - SteamLib V1.07 (84 Objects)

This macro is designed to simplify the building of steam locos by providing a library of standard parts that can be simply added to an existing model. It does not create a basic loco body, only parts such as buffers, couplers and handrail knobs. The list is not comprehensive but I hope to add more parts as I require them.

A useful feature is that the insertion point of the object can be selected on the loco mesh avoiding the need to move the object afterwards as would be the case when merging GMax files. Also if a point is selected on the rear buffer beam for example the object will be turned through 180 degrees, in all cases the script attempts to position the object correctly assuming the model has been built in accordance with the Auran guidelines for Trainz models. Especially neat is the regulator cab control which is positioned, linked and animated under script control ready for exporting.