GMax Tutorials

About these Documents

This is not intended to be a substitute for the 'official' Content Creation Guide from Auran, rather a series of hints and tips concerning the way I go about creating content for Trainz using (mainly) GMax. Some of the techniques and software I use are a bit unusual and the software itself may be hard to find now – so if anybody has any better ideas drop me a mail.

I'd also like to stress that this is certainly not the only way to create content, as with most 3D software there are many ways of achieving the same result and I wouldn't claim that my way is the only one. Being fundamentally lazy when it comes to making content you can be assured that I'm probably using methods that involves the minimum amount of effort.

Why Create Content?

Sometimes you may not find exactly the asset you need for your route, or you may wish to recreate a particular loco that is not yet available. Using the tools described below you can create anything that you can think of for use in Trainz.

I believe that it is something that anybody can learn to do, however, be warned that it is not easy and there are many pitfalls along the way. Having said that though it is also extremely satisfying to see something you have made in Trainz. If you get stuck drop into the Auran Forum at to get help. (more...)