GMax Tutorials

About These Tutorials

These Tutorials will be updated from time to time, please ensure that you have the latest version (each page has the version number at the bottom right). Corrections and requests for clarification are welcomed, I've probably forgotten to fully describe all of the steps...

The Tutorials include hyperlinks to example files on this site and to external sources for programs and utilities.

Tutorial 1 version 10 Setting up GMax download
Tutorial 2 version 11 ChilliSkinning download
Tutorial 3 version 6 Texture Creation download
Tutorial 4 version 4 Texture Enhancement download
Tutorial 5 version 8 Simple Animation download
Tutorial 6 version 3 GMax Basics download
Tutorial 7 version 9 'Primus', your first loco download
Tutorial 8 version 4 Valve Gear Animation Using Bones download
Tutorial 9 version 1 Simple Skinning (Microtextures) download
version 3 Error Correction in CMP download