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Updated 08.06.2022

New Blender Content Creation Tutorial for v3.0 and later

Link to Blender 3.0 tutorial pdf file

After threatening for years (again) to produce a new Blender tutorial on creating a loco for Trainz it has finally been released. You can download it here or via the tutorial pages on this site.

This time I'm not going to detail how to build a specific loco but instead the emphasis will be on techniques that can be used for any model and it will be a lot more detailed than the earlier ones that I did - it is though very much a work in progress. The current version is v2.70, uploaded 08.06.2022 and now covers (if in a somewhat sketchy manner) most aspects creating a steam loco.

I would be grateful for any feedback if anything is unclear or needs further explanation.

Downloads Page Added

This page will contain example files that are referenced by the Blender v3.0 Tutorial above.

Bits Box Section Updated

I've made a start on updating the (very) outdated mesh libraries, the first updates are for driving and carrying wheels which now use empties instead of lattices for the animations, they are suitable for Blender 2.80 and up now.

This WebSite on Mobile Devices

This WebSite is now 'responsive', i.e. it will automatically adapt the display to suit mobile devices. I'm working on it, so there might still be some issues...

It should look fine now on all Apple devices down to the iPhone SE2. Let me know if there are any problems on other devices and I'll look into it.

After spending loads of money on software to help create a responsive site, in the end I did it with a text editor and a few lines of CSS. There's plenty of info on the Internet on how to do this, or indeed just about anything.

I can recommend Microsoft's Visual Code Studio for editing and creating WebSites, this is free and available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Links To Modelling Magazine Indices Now Available

I've added links to Google Sheet documents with my Indices to this site. These list drawings and other articles from old issues of Railway Modeller, Model Railway Constructor and Model Railways. I also have all copies of Model Railway News from 1960 to 1969, so one day I might add those as well. Click here to jump to the Indices Page.

Payware Models Discontinued

Due to continuing problems with the shop software I was using I've decided to discontinue the Payware items I have offered in the past. All of the models are relatively old now and not up the latest standards, but if you have already purchased something I will continue to provide support and updates for new versions of Trainz such as T:ANE, TS19 and TS22.