Updated 15.03.2015

Once about every four years I get the urge to update my website...

Payware Models Discontinued

Due to continuing problems with the shop software I was using I've decided to discontinue the Payware items I have offered in the past. All of the models are relatively old now and not up the latest standards, but if you have already purchased something I will continue to provide support and updates for new versions of Trainz such as T:ANE.

New Blender Content Creation Tutorial

After threatening for years to produce a new Blender tutorial on creating a loco for Trainz it has finally been released. You can download it here or via the tutorial pages on this site.

This time I'm not going to detail how to build a specific loco but instead the emphasis will be on techniques that can be used for any model and it will be a lot more detailed than the earlier ones that I did. It will of course be for Blender V2.70 and up which is a big improvement over 2.49b which I used for a long time. At least the interface is not quite so wierd...